Parental Control

All of the content on our site is going to be rated on its violence and its sexuality. You can select maximum ratings that your minor will be able to view. The Forum will be available to minors only if you select that option.

IMPORTANT: The Forum is not restricted, as such it is very likely that highly objectionable adult-only content will be on the Forum. We highly recommend that you DO NOT enable the Forum for minors.

To set parental controls, when you sign up for an account, you input your password and a password that your minor can login with. If your minor logs in to this account, then we will filter out the content that they can view based on the max ratings that you select.

It is important that you sign up for both 8th Deadly Sim and PayPal, and not your minor. If they know the main password to the account then they can change the settings for what they can view and download.

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